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Berlin becomes Vegan heaven!

The vegetarian association estimates that there are around 80,000 vegans living Berlin and roughly 60 vegan restaurants have sprung up in the German capital to cater for this ever growing demand.

If you think, both Paris and London are twice the size of Berlin and they can only manage 60 vegan restaurants between them, it shows how quickly and widespread veganism is growing in Berlin and in fact, across Germany.

Berlin is almost in the same league as New York in terms of options for vegans, with Europe’s first 100 percent-vegan pizzeria, and around ten new vegan eateries opening every year, and this growth is  expected to continue!

It is not uncommon in Berlin to see food outlet shelves without dairy cheese, yoghurt or honey and in general retail stores, cruelty free clothing. Berlin is also is home to the world’s largest vegan grocery store chain, ‘Veganz‘ and also it is the home to the world’s first vegan avenue.

Berliners are embracing veganism and its many benefits to health, the environment and of course the animal world we love.

You could fly from the UK to Berlin for a day trip in March for under £30 per person. Why not take a look?

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