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The Vegan Lunch Revolution!

Trying to track down lunch on a day out or on your lunch break can be tough for Vegans and more often than not we resort to making our own snacks for a day out or for a break at lunch when at work.
Let’s be honest, this is the last thing we want to be doing every morning (or late at night for those forward planners amongst us) and we all look on a little enviously at all the options the rest of the population have to choose from.
With now over a million people in the UK identifying as Vegan, it’s now growing into a big market and some of the big players in the high street are beginning to sit up and take notice
M&S have now jumped on the vegan wagon, launching two new sandwiches that are entirely vegan.
The Super Green sandwich is made up of edamame and minted pea with chia and linseed bread, while the Rainbow Veg sandwich is roasted vegetables and avocado with pumpkin seeds in between red pepper bread.
They’re each £2.50, and when all said and done sound pretty delicious.
The only problem is they sound so delicious they could sell out to non vegans!

(Pictures: M&S)

Alongside the sandwiches, M&S has also introduced three new veggie pots – two of which are also vegan: the Nutty Cauliflower Trio Veggie Pot and the Glorious Greens & Seeds Veggie Pot both of which could also be eaten on the go or at home as an accompaniment for other vegan food.
Watch this space in the future for more tips on the best places to get Vegan food on the move.
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